It has many tall buildings and trees

Preparing the chair for folding

Before using the small wooden stool for outdoor folding, it’s important to prepare the chair first. First, check if the chair is already folded and packed in a carrying case or if it needs to be assembled. If the chair is already folded, make sure it is fully opened and unfolded before proceeding. If the chair needs to be assembled, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that it is properly assembled.

Folding the chair

To fold the chair, start by grasping the handle located on the side of the chair. Pull the handle towards you until the chair unlocks and folds up. It’s important to be careful while folding the chair to avoid damaging it.Once the chair is folded, place it inside the carrying case or backpack. Make sure the chair is securely locked in place before closing the case or backpack.

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