What size peace locket is suitable for women? What are the benefits of women wearing it?

Ping An Kou is also called nostalgic and can dispel evil and avoid disasters. It is a traditional Feng Shui mascot. From the appearance, the outer circle is round, which symbolizes the vastness of the world; the inner circle is also round, symbolizing people's inner peace and comfort. It is also a very good amulet for protection. It is simple and generous to wear, close to the skin, protects the body from evil, and keeps auspicious and safe. It has a good decorative effect and is also widely loved by female friends. It is more transparent and water-resistant when worn for a long time.

1. What size should a peace locket be for women?

What size peace locket is suitable for women? What are the benefits of women wearing it?

Ping An Kou is the most widely adaptable pendant. Many people, regardless of gender, age or status, like to wear Ping An Kou. There are many sizes of Ping An Kou, so what size Ping An Kou is suitable for women? Generally, women can wear Ping An Kou with a diameter of 22cm-24cm. Women wearing Ping An Kou are full of humanistic atmosphere. They seem to be smooth and flexible, but they follow the “golden mean” of traditional Chinese culture and have the effect of nourishing the body.

2. The benefits of wearing a peace locket

1. Nowadays, the most commonly used material for the peace locket is jade, so it is also called “jade peace locket”. The name carries the meaning of peace and blessing. It is perfect as a gift to others or to wear yourself. Therefore, girls wearing the peace locket means good luck.

2. The shape of the peace buckle is similar to a copper coin. It is gorgeous and colorful, and it also means to hang up or gather money. Therefore, girls can wear the peace buckle to keep safe when they go out, and it can also protect their wealth.

3. Girls who are taking the college entrance examination usually have heavy study burdens and are always walking on thin ice, full of doubts and fears. If they wear a peace locket, the smooth appearance of the peace locket and the aura of the jade can stimulate thinking, enable people to study quietly and have a flexible mind. Therefore, girls wearing peace lockets will definitely be successful in their studies.

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